Caddisflai is a design and technology studio that is motivated to make people’s lives better through the use of innovative design thinking and state-of-the-art technology. Our practice is inspired by the extraordinary ability of a caddisfly, who can create attractive, protective, and potable cases of their larvae with organic, locally available ingredients. We are proud to adopt a biomimetic design approach, where we are inspired by natural systems that partake in the formation of landscapes or sustain the life of plants, animals, birds, or insects. This unique approach helps us in understanding complex problems and allow us to provide sustainable technology and design solutions. We fuse the power of generative design and artificial intelligence with years of on-site design expertise to solve day-to-day problems in the built environment, urban spaces, products, and even virtual systems that we interface with. We generate endless design variations using rapid manufacturing technologies in digital fabrication like 3D printing, metal casting, sensor prototyping, and developing custom software. Our design process simulates, tests, and validates multiple design variants to select optimal solutions to problems. Inspired by complex systems in nature, we simulate natural systems, applying generative neural network modeling to parse design queues from our ecosystem.


Florina Dutt is a Ph.D. scholar from the School of City and Regional Planning and affiliated with the Center for Spatial Planning Analytics and Visualization (CSPAV) at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. She taught design studios, data visualization, and spatial data analytics at Georgia Tech. Her research focused on assessing the influence of the built environment on people’s mental well-being, incorporating ideas of mental health in designing smart cities, and encouraging sustainable development. In the past, she gained extensive experience on large-scale urban design and planning projects working in Shanghai, China. She is trained as an Architect from the University of Pennsylvania and has published in the domain of urban ecology, sustainable built environment, and design computing in leading journals and conferences.

  • Degree: PhD, MCRP, M Arch.
    Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, USA
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Subhajit Das has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, USA where he researched at the intersection of Interactive Machine Learning, Model Optimizations and UI Technologies. His research interests include the realm of interactive systems helping domain experts such as planners and architects to build AI/machine learning models in their design process and analytical workflows. With a diverse background in AI, design technology, and digital fabrication, Subhajit Das worked in the domain of computational geometry and design automation after completing M Arch. in Design Computing from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. His work has been published in diverse platforms including KDD IDEA Workshop, IEEEVis, CHI, ICDM, Ecaade, Caadria, Sigmaud, and Acadia conferences.

  • Degree: PhD, MSCS, M Arch.
    Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Email:
Caddisflai's work have been recognized in a growing list of renowned journals and publications, including IEEE-VIS, CHI, KDD, Acadia, Simaud, Caadria, Ecaade, Ijac and many others. Our contribution to the design space has consistently won numerous international design competitions and other merits. We strive to continue adopting biomimetic design thinking to develop design solutions that are meant to last and cause no harm.

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